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To the 80-anniversary

Victor Ivanovich Konovalov was born on January 3rd, 1932 in Krasnoyarsk. In 1949 he completed secondary school with golden medal in Mary town, Turkmen Republic and entered Leningrad Lensovet Technological Institute to study “Chemical Engineering”. After graduation in 1954, having the diploma with honours he came to Tambov plant “Komsomolets” to work. In 1954-1957 he worked as a senior engineer in copper hardware workshop, senior design engineer, head of special design department. At this period he developed the construction of electric distiller and got his first inventor’s certificate.

In 1957-1961 he studied in post-graduate course in Leningrad Lensovet Technological Institute, department “Processes and Devices of Chemical Technologies” and worked there as a junior researcher. At that time Konovalov developed vibrational extractor and got his second inventor’s certificate.

In 1961 he came back to Tambov and was invited to All-Union research institute of industrial rubber engineering “VNIIRTmash” as a head of the laboratory and department. In 1962 he completed his dissertation “Study of inclined countercurrent vibrational extractor”.

In 1966-2004 he worked as a head of the department “Processes and Devices of Chemical Technologies” in Tambov State Technical University and in 1967-1971 and in 1979-1983 he was a vice-rector for research activities of TSTU.

In 1976 V.I. Konovalov defended his doctoral thesis “Study of impregnation and drying processes for cording materials and development of impregnation and drying devices for rubber industry”, in 1978 he became a Professor. As a vice-rector for research activities V.I. Konovalov trained perfect specialists, participated in post-graduate courses and Dissertation Board organization, he conducted research activities and organized multiplying laboratories in Tambov Institute of Chemical Engineering. As a head of the chair he could organize highly qualified teaching staff, develop well-equipped teaching, laboratory and research environment. More than 200 research students defended their diploma projects under his guidance. Victor I. Konovalov has an international recognition as a creator in TSTU the research school in the field of drying and thermal processes, liquid extraction and membrane processes, energy-saving technologies, vortex tubes and heat pumps. He published more than 370 research papers including 7 books and booklets, he has got 45 inventor’s certificates and licenses. More than 35 works were published abroad. 40 candidate and 5 doctoral dissertations were fulfilled under his guidance. He also developed mass-produced engineering equipment, for example high-capacity electric distiller which is produced by the Tambov plant “Komsomolets”. Cord, protector and camera lines are produced by “Tambovpolimermash” plant. In 1994 V.I. Konovalov had got the honorary title “Honored Scientist of Russian Federation”.

In 1981-1990 Prof. Konovalov was an expert of USSR Higher Attestation Commission. Since 2004 he is a Professor of the chair “Chemical Engineering” (now the chair “Technological Processes and Devices”) in Tambov State Technical University.

Prof. Konovalov is organizer and editor of four-language scientific journal “TSTU Transactions” which was established in 1995. This journal is famous among Russian academicians. Editorial Board consists of prominent foreign scientists. This journal is included into the list of Higher Attestation Commission journals which publish results of candidate and doctoral thesis. For more than 30 years Prof. Konovalov is the chairman of TSTU doctoral dissertation Council, specialities “Processes and Devices of Chemical Technologies”, “Machines and Devices of Chemical Productions”. Prof. Konovalov’s lectures are always very original and interesting and his scientific achievements are recognized in Russia and abroad. Victor Ivanovich likes to spend his free time playing violin, piano and accordion, he is fond of Tambov symphony orchestra concerts. Professor prefers reading, swimming in the river, skiing, dealing with his 9 grandchildren and 2 greatgrandchildren.


Member of Editorial Board - “Drying Technology – an International Journal” (USA);

Member of Editorial Board - International Journal “Industrial Heat Engineering” (Ukraine);

Member of Advisory Board of International Drying Symposium, biennial World Conferences on Drying;

Member of Forum on Heat and Mass Transfer (Minsk);

Member of Organizing Committee of “Energy-Saving Technologies for Drying and Hygrothermal Processing” (Russia).

^ Professional affiliations:

Honored Scientist of Russian Federation;

Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, chairman of Tambov regional department of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;

Chairman of Tambov regional Department of Russian Carbonic Society;

Member of New York Academy of Sciences;

Member of “Who’s Who in the World” Edition.

Awards: Jubilee medal, Veteran of Labour, Badge of honor “USSR High School”, RF Presidential Grant 1994-1996. TSTU Order of Merit (certificate № 2, 2006). Award of International Drying Symposia “Excellence in Drying Research” France, 1996.

Published works (selected):

Исследование массопередачи и гидродинамики в наклонном противоточном вибрационном экстракторе // Журн. прикл. химии АН СССР. – 1961.– Т. 34. № 10.– С. 2217– 2226.

К методике расчета воздушных конвективных сушилок // Труды ВНИИРТмаша. Тамбов, 1967. Вып. 1.- С. 78-109.

Коновалов В.И. (с соавт.). Сеpия статей по пpопиточно-сушильным пpоцессам в жуpнале «Каучук и pезина» 1975-1977 гг: 1975, No 6, с. 31-34; No 8, С. 39-43; 1977, No 6, с. 39-41; No 9, с. 20-24; No 12, с. 33-37.

Коновалов В.И. (с соавт.). Серия статей по расчету сушильных процессов на базе соотношений теплопереноса в ТОХТ 1975-1978 гг: Т. 9(2) с. 203-209; (4) с. 501-510; (6) с. 834-843; Т. 11(5) с. 769-771; Т. 12(3) с. 337-346.

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Пропиточно- сушильное и клеепромазочное оборудование. - М.: Химия, 1989.- 224 с. (Рецензия в «Drying Technology - An Intern. Journal».- New York: Dekker, 1990, V. 8, No. 1, pp. 225-226).

Коновалов В.И., Коробов В.Б. О методах описания массо– и теплопереноса в процессах электродиализа // Журн. прикл. химии АН СССР.– 1989.– Т.62. № 9.– С. 1975–1982.

О возможностях использования точных, интервальных и приближенных аналитических методов в задачах тепло-и массопереноса //Вестник ТГТУ. №1-2. Т.1. С.75-90.
Оборудование для охлаждения и усадки профилированных резиновых заготовок.– М.: ЦИНТИхимнефтемаш, 1988. – 42 с.

Konovalov V.I., Dvoinin A.G., Zatona V.N., Tugolukov E.N. Modelling of Impregnating, drying and thermal treating of fibrous materials // Drying of Solids / Ed. A.S.Mujumdar. - New York: Int.Sci.Publ. 1992.- Pp. 451-462.

Konovalov V.I., Gatapova N.Z. External heat- and mass transfer during the convective drying and heating of strips materials (Keynote Lecture) // Proc. of the 11th Intern. Drying Symp. (IDS’98). Halkidiki, Greece, Aug. 19-22, 1998. Vol. A. Pp. 23-34.

Процессы и аппараты химической технологии. Т.1. Основы теории процессов химической технологии // Под ред. А.М. Кутепова.- М.: Логос, 2000. (один из авторов).

Konovalov V.I., Gatapova N.Z., Kudra T. Drying of liquid dispersions - a unified approach to kinetics and modeling // Drying Technology – An Intern. Journal (New York). 2003. Vol. 21, No. 6. Рp. 1029-1047.

Konovalov V.I., Gatapova N.Z., Koliuch A.N., Pachomov A.N., Shikunov A.N., Utrobin A.N. Kinetics of conductive drying and heat-transfer on contact cylinders // Proc. of the 14th Intern. Drying Symp. (IDS’2004). Brazil, Aug. 22-25, 2004. Vol. A. Pp. 247-253.

Коновалов В.И., Гатапова Н.Ц. Макрокинетика промышленных процессов // Теор. основы хим. технол.- 2004.- Т. 38, № 2. С. 123-132.

Коновалов В.И. Явления переноса и кинетика промышленных процессов: модели и реальность // Сб. научных трудов СПбТИ к 100-летию П.Г. Романкова. СПб: СПбТИ, 2004. 134с. С.53-71.

Коновалов В.И., Гатапова Н.Ц., Кудра Т. Кинетические особенности, классификация и методика расчетов процессов сушки суспензий и кристаллообразующих растворов // Изв. вузов. Химия и химич. технология.- 2005.- Т. 48, № 4.- С. 119 – 125.

Konovalov V.I. Drying R&D Needs: Basic Research in Drying of Capillary-Porous Marerials.// Drying Technology – An Intern. Journal (New York). 2005. Vol. 23, No. 12. Рp. 2307-2311. Guest Editorial (Редакционная статья гостевого редактора выпуска).

Konovalov V.I., Gatapova N.Z. Transport Phenomena in Drying of Capillary-Porous Materials.// Proceedings of the 15th Intern. Drying Symp. (IDS’2006). Budapest, Hungary, 2006. Vol. A. Pp. 141 – 148.

Konovalov V.I., Gatapova N.Z., Kudra T. Recent foreign researches in drying and hygrothermal processing: status and trends.// Труды III Межд. научно-практ. конфер. «Современные энергосберегающие тепловые технологии СЭТТ-2008». М.-Тамбов: МЭИ, 2008. Том 1. С. 31-32. (Расширенный текст в серии статей в Вестнике ТГТУ, 2008. Т.14, №3, с. 530-537, 538-559, 560-578, 579-583; № 4, с. 796-811.).

Коновалов В.И., Гатапова Н.Ц.,Орлов А.Ю.Сушка и другие технологические процессы с вихревой трубой Ранка-Хилша: возможности и экспериментальная техника.// Вестник ТГТУ. 2010. Т. 16., № 4. С. 797-811.

Konovalov V.I., Gatapova N.Z., Kudra T. Some generalized and particular issues on modeling of complex drying processes based of temperature-moisture relationships. Part 1,2,3. // Proceedings of the 17th Intern. Drying Symp. (IDS’2010). Magdeburg, Germany, 2010. Vol. A. Pp. 248 – 255, 478-485; Vol. B. Pp. 786 – 794.

Коновалов В.И., Романова Е.В., Гатапова Н.Ц. Сушка с тепловыми насосами в химической промышленности: возможности и экспериментальная техника.// Вестник ТГТУ. 2011. Т. 11., №1. С. 153-178.

Bibliography (selected):

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Konovalov Victor. I. In Marquis “Who’s Who in the World”. New Providence, USA. 1997, 14th Ed. (и ряд последующих изданий).

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