План-конспект урока английского языка в 8 классе по теме: «Ecology of the planet is in danger» icon

План-конспект урока английского языка в 8 классе по теме: «Ecology of the planet is in danger»

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План-конспект урока английского языка в 8 классе по теме:

«Ecology of the planet is in danger»

Задачи урока:

1.Контроль ЗУН

2.Знакомство учащихся с ситуацией, угрожающей экосистеме планеты

3.Формирование речевых умений и навыков в монологической, диалогической речи

4.Формирование ответственного отношения к природе, проблемам окружающей среды, желание помочь природе

Оборудование: слайды, выполненные в компьютерном варианте (Microsoft Power Point), тесты, дополнительные тексты по теме, предупреждающие знаки.

^ МОУ «Гимназия №2» 2008 год

Ход урока

I. Организация класса к уроку:

a) Приветствие. Hello everybody of you.

b) Погода. We are having a nice day. The weather is rather nice today. It’s not very cold outside. Usually it snows in the middle of November. But there is no snow outside. What is the reason? –It’s the effect of global warming on the planet.

II. ^ Основная часть. Обучение основным коммуникативным умениям.

a) Постановка цели урока. Today we are going to speak about the problems of our ecology and try finding the ways out. The motto of our lesson “Think globally, act locally”. The world around is wonderful, look at the screen you can see picturesque places there. (?)

b) Презентация паспорта планеты. When every human being is 14, he gets a passport. Our planet also has a passport.

c) Активизация лексики.

Pollution, oxygen, chemical waste, creature, acid rain, garbage, litter, solve a problem, international disaster

d) Раскрытие темы урока. Выступление учащихся. Развитие монологической речи.

Sometimes we have problems. Our planet has problems. What are they?

-Air pollution What is harmful to the air?

-Water pollution What is the effect of water pollution?

-Too much waste Where do we pile our litter, gabbage?

-Red Data book

e) Выполнение теста.

Complete the sentences using the words

a)a little bit, b)spoiled, c)personally, d)disasters, e)piled, f)society, g)international, h)term, i)accent, j)cooperation, k)crisis

1. The environmental … we are facing today may cause damage to the planet.

2. It was one of the last days of the winter … .

3. Greenpeace is an … environmental organization.

4. The members of Greenpeace acted fast and bravely. They were thanked for their … .

5. This man speaking with an … is a Russian member of Greenpeace.

6. I wanted to know who … had dumped all that waste.

7. Would you like to join the “Save the Animals” … ?

8. They found a lot of litter … under the trees.

9. Rainstorms and floods are …

10. He has … the final result of our action.

11. There are many foreigners here. Could you speak … slower?

f) Обсуждение проблем нашего города. Развития навыков диалогической речи.

Our town has a lot of enterprises

-plant KamAZ

-card-board paper plant.

-argicultural complexes:”Chelny-Broiler”, “Vesenniy”

Now let’s discuss problems of our town. How do these enterprises influence the ecology of our Kama-Volga region? Use your cons and pros. You can use conditional II

III. ^ Подведение итогов.

  1. Homework. Copy this table into your copybooks and put down reasons of getting elocogical desasters and ways out of them.

    ^ Ecological problems.

    The main reasons.

    The possible solving of the problems.

    The air is polluted.

    The water is spoiled.

    The land is damaged.

  2. Выставление оценок учащимся за работу.

The Red Data Book.

I’ve fetched a special book from the library. It’s the Red Data Book. It’s a reference book on rare and disappearing animals. The color “red” is a danger signal understandable to all people in the world. The red color means “No passage! Stop!”. You have to think why many plants and animals disappear every day. The color red is one of blood and life. You should hear the world around you. A lot of animals, birds, plants and insects are included in the Red Data Book. I want to say some words about swans. The swans are good parents! The mother swan lays 5-7 eggs in spring. They are white or blue. Small swans come out grey or brown, not white. These kids stay with their parents for a year. They learn to swim, to fly and to find good green plants to eat. Their parents teach them and protect them from other animals and birds. Soon they become more independent. They swim with their brothers and sisters.

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