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Test 5 Subjunctive Mood Variant 1

3 чел. помогло.
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Test 6 Modal Verbs Variant 1

1. Fill in the blanks with the verbs can, may or must.

1. Perhaps he went to the beach by another way. I … have missed him. 2. The … not have had the key. It never left me day and night. 3. You … go upstairs an use our bathroom. 4. She … have been talking to your father, she … not have been talking to anyone else. 5. He’s honest enough, whatever else he … be. 6. He was a nice looking young fellow with a touch of graying hair at the temples though he … not have been much over thirty. 7. Let me introduce you to Monsieur Poirot, of whom you … often have heard. 8. … I have some more of that delicious salad, do you think?

2. Fill in the blanks with must, have to or be to.

1. Nowadays one … do nearly everything oneself. 2. I … think who she was talking about. She … have meant your father. 3.I … be getting sentimental. 4. The man lost his way and … drive back half a mile.5. It seemed horrible to him that it was here the fatal portrait … be hidden away. 6. The man … touch him twice on the shoulder before he woke. 7. She … not to return to dear Mamma or to Sheffield, not ever again. 8. The next afternoon there … be an attack up the river. 9. I was very hot and … take a drink of bear to cool my mouth.

3.Choose Have to or Need that best suits the context.

1. Hugo … a taxi. Why has he done it? I could give you a lift to the airport.2. We … a taxi. Alex gave us a lift to the airport. We arrived on time. 3.The police …(ring) the bell. The door turned out to be open.4. I …

anything today. When I came back home my husband had already cooked dinner. It was delicious!

4.ffill in the blanks with shall or will (won’t).

1. I … be at the bridge at 9 o’clock. 2. I … take care of you, I promise, Magan. 3. … I leave the things here, sir? 4. You …not slip through my fingers. 5. My feet, I can’t move them. I feel so damn silly. My feet … not move. 6. “You … have a pony, Henrietta,” he said “and James too, later on.

5.Choose should or would that best suits the context

1. I … not have spoken of it, only you seemed so keen about it.2. I swore that I forgave her everything, but she … not listened. 3. Her eager wish was that he … love her. 4. I wish you … go away now. 5. Why … the people be operated on without an anаesthetic? 6. I asked him one or two questions but he … not answer. 7.You … not go out without a coat. 8. You … not have said that, Archie.

6.Translate the sentences into English using modal verbs.

1. Это был последний автобус. Теперь нам придется идти на станцию пешком.2. Не надо ее будить. Она поздно легла. Я все сделаю сама. 3. Вот и ты наконец! Гости собрались, мы, должно быть, уже целый час ждем тебя. 4.Незачем было так торопиться. У вас было достаточно времени. 5.Нам не суждено было встретиться до его отъезда на континент.6. «Должны ли мы перевести всю статью сегодня?» - «Нет , не надо. Вы можете это сделать завтра.» 7.Это должно было случиться. Никто не мог этому помешать. 8. Я должна была там быть час тому назад. Они могут подумать, что со мной что-то случилось.9. Должно быть они что-то заподозрили. 10. Вам следовало бы принять во внимание все подробности, когда мы обсуждали этот вопрос. 11. Наверное он испугал вас своими угрозами.12. Если бы мы не вмешались, они, возможно, поссорились бы. 13 Доктор велел ей полежать, но она и слышать об этом не хотела. 14. С какой стати я буду извиняться перед ней? Она первая нагрубила мне.

Test 6 Modal Verbs Variant 2

1. Fill in the blanks with the verbs can, may or must.

1. I strolled across the lawn to the house, aware that they … be watching me still from a chink in the shutters. 2. But surely he … have gone to the wrong flat. That is the only possible solution. 3. But it … not have been anything serious, or I should have remembered. 4. Some astonishment … have shown itself on his face, for she looked at him and paused. 5. Perhaps it … have been better if you hadn’t written letters to us. 6. She asked the fishmonger if she … leave the basket with him while she got some other things. 7. What

you tell me …be true, but it happened many years ago. 8. You … also address me as Aunt Augusta for the future.

2. Fill in the blanks with must, have to or be to.

1. I had left my key at home, and my servant … let me in. 2. I … be mad , coming here like this. 3. We … dine together and then go to the Opera. 4. But who was it – Daniels or O’Murphy? It … have been one of the two.5. Two days ago I asked Ann to marry me. I’m not going to break my word to her. She … be my wife. 6. I’m afraid that you … go back the way you came. There is no through road. 7. I asked what time the attack … be and they said as soon as it was dark. 8. Sooner or later we all … pay for what we do. 9. The carriage … have come back by this time.

3.Choose Have to or Need that best suits the context.

1. You … for a doctor. There’s nothing serious at all. She fainted because it was stuffy in here. She will be all right in a minute. 2. Yesterday I … get up early .I had a day off so I stayed in bed till midday. 3.Sandra … feed the children. They were not hungry because they had just had dinner at her cousin’s. 4. You fed the dog , didn’t you? Oh, you … that nasty animal. He’s just stolen and eaten all the sausage which I brought from the shop. Could he still be hungry?

4.ffill in the blanks with shall or will/ won’t.

1. Can you walk as far as the car or … I bring it round? 2. I … come down with you, I … go home.3. If I’ve got him they can’t take him. He … not go . I … not let him. 4.I’m going to marry him – of course, if you … let me. 5. … you tell me what belongs to me and what doesn’t?

5.Choose should or would that best suits the context

1. When he grew blind he … hour after hour in those two rooms that he had painted, looking at his works with sightless eyes. 2. “I wish you … not wear those great born spectacles,” he said. “I don’t know why a pretty woman … do her best to look plain. 3. For a long time sleep … not come. 4. You … never neglect a

chance, however small it may seem. 5. I suppose he … not have touched anything at all.

6.Translate the sentences into English using modal verbs.

1. Вчера я должен был встретить свою сестру, но мои часы, должно быть, отстали, и я опоздал. Когда я узнал, что поезд уже прибыл, мне пришлось брать такси и поспешить домой, так как у сестры не было ключа от квартиры. 2. Наверное, она получила неприятные известия. Она так расстроена. 3.Вам можно было и не приходить.4. Не смей шуметь! Братья делают уроки. 5. Ты могла бы позвонить и сказать, что задержишься! Мы так волновались. 6.Если так будет продолжаться, нам придется принять меры. 7. Он давно ушел и к пяти часам должен вернуться. 8. Он сказал мне, что я должен его ждать здесь.9. Напрасно вы волновались. Все прошло отлично. 10. Сегодня первый день каникул и не надо идти в школу. 11. Не может быть, чтобы он придумал это сам. 12.Я обещаю, что все будет сделано. Не нужно беспокоиться. 13. С какой стати я буду ему первая звонить? 14. Дети пытались открыть дверь, но она никак не открывалась.

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