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Test 5 Subjunctive Mood Variant 1

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Final Test 10 Variant 1

1. Choose the right answer

1. A man who … in the compartment said that the place … by a passenger who … out to the diner.

A was sitting, is taken, went B sat, had been taken, has gone

C was sitting, was taken, had gone D had been sitting, had taken, went

2. I cannot make up my mind if I … them till I … when they … .

A join, will find out, leave B will join, find out, will be leaving

C will join, will find out, are leaving D would join, would find out, will leave

3. You … nothing unless you … a microscope. It is the most interesting specimen I … .

A see, don’t use, ever see B will see, don’t use, have ever seen

C will see, use, have ever seen D won’t see, won’t use, ever saw

4. Do you see a couple in the corner? Their dessert … now. As soon as they … it, we … their table.

A is served, finish, will take B is serving, will finish, take

C is being served, finish, will take D has been served, will have finished, will take

5. What is the matter? …. ? - Yes, my mother …. Badly ill since yesterday.

A Have you cried, is B Have you been crying, has been C Did you cry, was, D Are you crying, had been

6. Where …..to? - My mother …. me to go to the post office because they … a break in half an hour.

A are you going, has asked, will be having, has sent B do you go, asked, would have, was sent C are you go, asked, will have had, is sent D are you going, has asked, will have, has been sent

7. She said that by the time you … to him for help they … the greater part of their research.

A had turned, will do B turn , will have done C turned, would have done D had turned, would do

8. The librarian said that she … me another book unless I … the one which I … several weeks before.

A would not give, did not return, had taken B will not give, have returned, took

C would not give, returned, had taken D would not have given, did not return, had taken

9. He stood beside a bush of pale roses … the last bees … into the hive. He seemed not …. Attention to Ann’s cry.

A watching, to crawl, to pay B having watched, to be crawling, to be paying

C watched, crawl, paid D watching, crawling, to have paid

10. I heard Uncle Henry … something to Paul. To my astonishment he seemed … what had happened to me. Then he let me … to my room.

A to whisper, to ask, to go B whisper, ask, go C whisper, to be asking, go D whispering, asking, going

11 … breakfast on dry bread and … in his pocket another piece of bread …. For dinner, he settled himself at a desk of the reading room. He looked to … his first book

A Having, carrying, serving, take B Having had, having carrying, to serve, take

C Having had, carrying, to serve, taking D Having, carried , serving, having taken

12. Don’t you remember … me at the Browns’ last summer? We used … at their place every Friday.

A to see, to meet B seeing, meeting C to see, meeting D seeing to meet

13. After …. A few pages I felt like … a break; I was eager … so I laid my work aside for a time.

A writing, having, to stroll B having writing, have, strolling

C written, having, to stroll D I have written, to have, strolling

14. You look rather tired. You are unlikely … the work in time. You had better … home now. It’s not worth …. for another several hours.

A to have finished, going, working B to finish, go, working

C to have been finishing, to go, to work D to be finishing, be going, be working

15. I pity her because she … that she has acted wrong. She … it to everybody.

A. must feel, must not have said B may feel, ought not have said C can’t have felt, needn’t say D must be feeling, shouldn't have said

16. Where is Kate? She … .She has told me to come at 5. - She … on the balcony, that’s why she … your call.

A can’t go away, may sunbathe, can’t have heard B can’t have gone away, must be sunbathing, can’t hear C must not go away, need to sunbathe, should not hear D should not go away, could have sunbathed, must not have heard

17. I … to the beach. The sea was rough and no one dared …. .

A needn’t have gone, to swim B needn’t go, swimming C can’t have gone, swim D couldn’t go, to swim

18. We … Jack tomorrow. - You … to him of the matter long ago. Why keep him in the dark?

A should, must have spoken B have to, may speak C are to, should have spoken D might, need to speak

19. He … golf well, but today he … it because he has a backache.

A is not to play, can do B can play, is unable to do C ought not to play, should have done D might have played, must not have done

20. I felt sorry for Jane. If anybody … such a thing to me, I … hurt.

A would say, felt B said, would feel C had said, would feel D will say, will feel

21. He … differently, if he …. an answer two days ago.

A will act, was given B. would act, were given C would have acted, would have been given D would have acted had been given

22.Who was the first to suggest … the research, I cannot well remember.

A him to do B that he do C that he will do D that he would do

2. Tick each correct line. If there is a word which, should not be there, write the word in the space.

Dear Harry,

Do you remember me? 1… We have met last year when you were on holiday 2… in Brighton.

I’m sorry I haven’t been written to you 3… since by then. I’ve been working abroad and 4…. I have

only just come back home to England 5,,,, . Next weak I’m planning is to be in Bristol, and 6…

I was thinking about that we could meet. 7… Do you remember Shirley, the girl we have met 8… in

Brighton? We are getting married next month, 9… and we are want you to come to the wedding. 10…

I have lost you phone number, but when 11… have get to Bristol I’ll try to contact you. 12… It will be great to see you again. Are you still 13… studying, or I have you found a job? 14… You won’t recognize me when you will see me! 15… I had my hair cut last week, and now I look at 16 … completely different. Shirley doesn’t like men 17… with long hair, you see! Best wishes, Graham Norris.

3. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Он хотел избежать того, чтобы к нему относились просто как к дальнему родственнику. 2. Мы поблагодарили их за то, что они дали нам возможность обменяться мнениями. 3. Хорошо, что вы пришли вовремя. Никто бы не стал принимать во внимание ваши извинения. 4. Хорошо, что он сам отказался ехать. А то бы сейчас жаловался и действовал всем на нервы. 5. Она подняла ребенка так, чтобы я могла его видеть. 6. Глупо было с твоей стороны вмешиваться. 7. Не может быть, чтобы этот моряк страдал морской болезнью, ведь большую часть жизни ему приходится проводить в море. 8. Неужели он произвел на вас впечатление рассеянного человека. 9. Если бы он вел машину осторожнее, несчастного случая не произошло бы. 10. Элиза счастливо жила много лет, когда узнала, что хозяин продал ее ребенка. Она была очень утомлена, так как целый день ходила, раздумывая, что ей делать.

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