Урок английского языка в 8-м классе по теме \"Путешествие\" icon

Урок английского языка в 8-м классе по теме "Путешествие"

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Обобщающий урок английского языка в 8-м классе по теме "Путешествие"


  1. Совершенствование речевых навыков (диалогическая, монологическая форма).

  2. Активизация лексических навыков.

  3. Обучение аудированию с целью понимания общего содержания.

Ход урока:

1.Организационный момент – 1 мин. 1-й слайд

Приветствие, сообщение о теме и характере работы на данном уроке.


Good morning! Take your seats, please, and get ready for the lesson.

Today the theme of our lesson is “Travelling …what for?” It’s a revision lesson. 2 й слайд

We’ve spoken a lot how to spend free time. Travelling is considered to be one of the ways

of spending holidays and it plays an important part in the entertainment of people and learning about the world because it is better to see once than to read or to hear about countries some times.

^ 2.Warming-up – 2 мин.

Для настройки учащихся на беседу по теме используются пословицы.

Teacher: To begin with let’s remember proverbs about travelling. Match two parts and translate them. Repeat it after me, please… 3-й слайд

Every country has its customs.

There is no place like home.

The wider we roam the welcomer home.

East or West, home is best.

^ 3.Чтение высказывания с общим охватом содержания. – 3 мин.

Teacher: There is a saying about travelling. Let’s read and translate it.

( Учащиеся пытаются перевести подчёркнутые выражения в высказывании, затем отвечают на вопрос.) 4-й слайд

Adventure is necessary for all of us. It keeps people from growing stale and old; it develops our imagination, it gives us movement and change which are necessary to our life.

Guess the meaning of underlined words and expressions.

Do you share this opinion? Answer the question using the model

I share this opinion because I think ________________________.

For example I share this opinion because I think Adventure is necessary for us all.

^ 4. Развитие речевых навыков. -2 мин. Слайд 5-й

Teacher: Why do people travel? Give your reasons… Now look at the scheme. Have we mentioned all the points?

(Учащиеся дополняют свои ответы, используя схему.)

Check up yourself. Are you right or not? Слайд 6-й

So, is traveling useful or not? Why? Answer the question using the model

I think traveling is useful because you can ___________________

Narek what about you do you like traveling?

I feel excited to learn diffe­rent languages and visit various tourist attractions. But travelling is not only excursions, historical sights or wonderful seaside resorts. You are combine entertainment with learning. During your trip you could meet so many people from different countries, learn about their cul­ture and traditions and make new friends.

^ 5. Активизация лексических навыков.

3 мин.


Most people are fond of travelling abroad.

discover new places,

What is more pros or cons going abroad? Let’s divide them into two groups. Слайд 7-й

discover new places, help to become more educated person, improve knowledge of foreign language, wait at airports, have to think about accommodation and food, broaden your mind, many places are polluted, teach people about art and culture, the beauty of many places has disappeared, help to relax, beaches are always overcrowded, the most fantastic place is home, meet interesting people, (Учащиеся называют сначала аргументы в пользу путешествия за границу, а затем аргументы против).

^ 6. Аудирование с целью понимания общего содержания. – 5 мин.

Traveling abroad many people usually prefer to travel by plane because it is the fastest and the most comfortable way of Traveling. And of course they must have abroad passport and pass the passport control. Look at the picture. This is the main lobby of an airport and here you can see the passport control. Let’s listen to the dialogue between the customs officer and the passenger. слайд 8-й

.^ Listen to the conversation and Answer the question

How long is she planning to stay in Britain?

What is the reason for Tanya's visit?
What cities is Tanya planning to visit in Britain?
How long is she planning to stay in London?
Where is she going to stay in London?
Did Tanya travel to Britain before? If so, how many times?

  • Your passport, please.

  • Here you are.

  • Miss Tatyana Smirnova.

  • Yes, that's right.

  • How long are you going to stay in Britain?

  • For three weeks.

  • And what's the reason for your visit?

  • I am going to do an English course in Oxford. I want to learn some more English. But first I'm planning to stay in London for three days to meet n: friend.

  • Have you got any documents from your school?

  • Yes. Here is a copy of all the documents from the school. And this is the address of the family I'll be staying with.

  • Your English sounds very good.

  • Thanks. Actually, this will be my second language course in Britain.

  • OK. Here is your passport and your school documents. Enjoy your stay.

  • Thank you. Goodbye.

  • Goodbye.

So, we have disscused the question if traveling useful or not. But you know the people like to travel around the country and abroad and there are many people who are against traveling abroad.

^ 7. Развитие навыков монологической речи. – 3 мин.

Teacher: Are you for or against travelling abroad? (Учащимся можно предложить лексические опоры)

What is your opinion? Use this phrases in your answers. Слайд 10-й

Arguments for

Arguments against

I am absolutely for…

As for me, I don’t like the idea of…

^ People travel abroad because…

I think that…



^ More than that…

What is more,…

Life without travelling is…

I can never understand…

^ I travel because…

I am sure I wouldn’t go…

What is more, travelling abroad…


^ I am absolutely for…traveling abroad.

People travel abroad because Isn't it wonderful to discover new places?

Besides,…Travel has always been a part of people's edu­cation.

More than thatIt teaches people about art and culture.

Life without travelling is…boring

I travel because You can also improve your knowledge of foreign lan­guages.

What is more, travelling abroad You can meet so interesting people.

As for me, I don’t like the idea of… traveling abroad

I think that…it is comfortable. Your family and friends are near you.

Besides,you do not have to wait at airports.

What is more,you can choose your favourite food.

I can never understand…how you can speak foreign languages as your own language.

I am sure I wouldn’t go…abroad because… East or West, home is best.

And what about you?

I think that many of you like to travel too. So who can tell us about your traveling. Dialogue

8. Заключительный этап урока. Подведение итогов, домашнее задание.-2 мин.

Teacher: Now, I see that you like travelling very much and know a lot of interesting things about it. Well, our lesson is almost over. Thank you for being active at the lesson. It was very interesting to listen to your points of view. Your marks for the lesson are the following. (Учитель оценивает работу учащихся на уроке.) слайд 11-й

Now, please write down your hometask (по плану учителя)

Have you got any questions?

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