Конкурс методических разработок уроков «Открытый урок» icon

Конкурс методических разработок уроков «Открытый урок»

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Конкурс методических разработок уроков «Открытый урок» 2008


Задачи урока:


ознакомить учащихся с новым страноведческим материалом по теме;

практиковать речевую деятельность: аудирование и монологическую речь;

активизировать лексику по теме, расширять словарный запас;


развивать умение высказать свое мнение на английском языке;

развивать навыки самостоятельной работы с текстом;


воспитывать уважительное отношение к культуре и истории другой страны;

расширять кругозор учащихся.

Тип урока: урок изучения нового материала.

Оснащение: Презентация «New York », карточки для работы с презентацией, схема с вводными конструкциями, текст «Нью-Йорк» из учебника «Счастливый английский» авт. Клементьева Т.А.


1.Организационно-мотивационный этап.

Teacher: At our last lessons we spoke a lot about the capital of the USA Washington. What unusual things have you known about this city?

(Pupils: It’s not the largest city of the USA.

There are no skyscrapers there.

Its population is small.

It has no large industry.

It produces only official papers. е.t.c.)

Teacher: So, today we shall speak about the city which is a great contrast to Washington. This city is the largest in the USA; it has a lot of skyscrapers. It produces different kind of goods and it’s an unofficial capital of the USA.I suppose you know what city I am talking about. What city is it?

(Pupils: It’s New York.)

2. Основная часть.

Введение нового страноведческого материала. Актуализация нового материала в речевых упражнениях.

Teacher: You are right. First of all I would like you to know some interesting facts from its history. On the blackboard you can see some dates, and names. Listen to my story and say how they are connected with the history of New York


April, 1524

Henry Hudson

1626 \ 24$

New Amsterdam

The Duke of York


Аудирование текста « From the history of New York».

The first European explorer who saw Manhattan Island was Giovanni da Verrazano, an Italian merchant. The date was April, 1524.

Other Europeans followed Verrazanno , most notably Henry Hudson, an Englishman employed by the Dutch East India Company. The Hudson River is named after the navigator who set foot on these shores in 1609.

Even in those days when America was known as the New World, it was a country with the ability of its people to make a good deal. In 1626 the Dutch Trade Company bought Manhattan Island from the local Indians for twenty four dollars. It was probably the most spectacular deal of all times.

Here the Dutch founded their colony and gave it the name New Amsterdam. Forty years later the English fleet under the Duke of York captured the city and renamed it New York. After the war of Independence, in1783 New York became the first capital of the new republic – the USA.

The city grew very quickly .Today’s New York is the greatest contrast possible to the island settled by the Dutch in 1624. In a sense, New York is one of the least historic cities in the world.

( Прослушав текст, учащиеся выполняют задание.)

Teacher: New York is a very famous city in the world. Everyone knows such places as Manhattan, Broadway, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. Now let’s see the sights of this city. Look through the slides, complete the sentences in your cards and then try to speak about New York using information from your cards.

( Учащиеся самостоятельно смотрят презентацию «Нью-Йорк» и выполняют задания в карточках.)

Презентация «Нью-Йорк»


  1. New York is the biggest and most important city of the USA.

It is the financial and medial capital of the USA.

It is the headquarters of the United Nations.

It is the center of American cultural life.

It is the national leader in fashion and entertainment.

  1. It offers the best, the biggest and the brightest of everything.

  2. The first European explorer who saw Manhattan Island was Giovanni da Verrazano, an Italian merchant. It was April, 1524.Today a bridge which carries his name, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, is one of the city’s impressive sights. It is the longest suspension bridge in the world.

  3. When people say “New York City” they usually mean Manhattan. The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the United Nations building, Central park, Times Square, Broadway, Harlem, Chinatown, the most famous streets and avenues – all these are to be found in Manhattan.

  4. Manhattan is crossed from north to south by avenues and from east to west by streets. Each avenue has either a name or a number. The streets are numbered from one to over a hundred. Only few of then have names.

  5. The Empire State Building is no longer the World’s tallest building, but it is certainly one of the world’s best loved skyscrapers.

  6. Twin towers of the World Trade Center were the highest skyscrapers in New York. But they were destroyed by the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

  7. Central park divides the city into two parts. It is the most popular rest place in the city.

  8. People who come to New York by sea are greeted by the Statue of Liberty. It has become the symbol of the city. It symbolizes a welcome to a land of freedom. The statue was France’s gift to America, presented to the USA in 1886.There is a museum in the base of the statue devoted to the history of immigration to the USA.

Match the beginning of each sentence with its end.

  1. New York is …

  2. The nickname of the city is …

  3. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, is …

  4. The most famous streets and avenues are located in …

  5. The Empire State Building is …

  6. The most popular rest place in the city is…

  7. The Statue of Liberty …

    1. symbolizes a welcome to a land of freedom.

    2. Central park

    3. one of the world’s best loved skyscrapers.

    4. the financial and medial capital of the USA.

    5. the longest suspension bridge in the world.

    6. “a big apple”.

    7. Manhattan.

    8. the headquarters of the United Nations

    9. the national leader in fashion and entertainment.

    10. was a gift to the USA from the people of France.

named after the first European explorer who saw Manhattan Island.

(Выполнив задание в карточке, учащиеся проговаривают получившиеся предложения.)

Teacher: Now open your books at page 244 and read what an American girl is saying about New York City. And tell us what other sights of New York she is speaking about.

( Учащиеся самостоятельно знакомятся с текстом и делают дополнения к тому, что они узнали из презентации.)

3.Подведение итогов урока. Домашнее задание.

Teacher: I think you have known a lot about New York. Tell me what remarkable in this city is and what you are surprised at.

( Учащиеся высказывают свою точку зрения, используя опорную схему с вводными конструкциями)

^ In my opinion…

To my mind …

I think so because…


More than that …

I am surprised at \ that…

I am astonished to \ that…

I am sorry to \ that…

I am displeased at \ that …

Домашнее задание:

  • на отметку « 3» - прочитать текст « Нью-Йорк» ( стр.244) и ответить на вопросы к тексту;

  • на отметку «4» - составить сообщение о Нью-Йорке, основываясь на содержании текста;

  • на отметку «5» - составить сообщение о Нью-Йорке, основываясь на содержании текста и информации, полученной на уроке.


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