Учебное пособие по английскому языку для студентов экономических специальностей icon

Учебное пособие по английскому языку для студентов экономических специальностей

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4 Тема по специальности ЭУП

Слова и выражения к тексту:

to begin with [b'n w]

для начала

to be good at [b ud t]

хорошо успевать в …

to show some signs of interest in …

[u sm sanz v 'ntrst]

проявлять интерес к …

to get acquainted with …

[et 'kwentd w]

познакомиться с …

complicated [,kmpl'ketd]


thorough knowledge ['r 'nld]

обширные знания

psychology [,sa'kld]


by the way [ba  we]

кстати, кроме того

frankly speaking ['frkl 'sp:k]

откровенно говоря

to take a great interest [tek 'ret 'ntrst]

очень заинтересоваться

to state [stet]

постановлять, утверждать

to make one's contribution to

[mek wns ,kntr'bu:n tu]

внести свой вклад

educational institution

[,edu:'kenl ,nst'tu:n]

образовательное учреждение

post-graduate studies

['pust 'rduet ]


to provide with [,pr'vad w]

снабжать чем-либо, предоставлять что-либо

diploma [d'plum]



To begin with I would like to tell you some words about myself. My name is … . I am a second-year student of the Economics Faculty of Biysk Technological Institute. I am … years old. At school I was good at Mathematics and Physics. I decided to enter the Institute because
I was always interested in problems of economic development. I showed some signs of interest in Economics in the 10th form. It should be mentioned that when I got acquainted with the Economics for the first time, I did not realize entirely how interesting Economics is and how complicated it is.

Everybody knows that Economics is a social science studying economy. In this connection to be a good specialist we are taught various general and special subjects, such as Management, Marketing, Money and Banking, Economic Theory, Macro- and Microeconomics. As we shall be managers at different enterprises, thorough knowledge of Engineering Psychology, Ecology, Sociology is vitally important for us too.

It is not easy to understand different economic problems, such as the role of government in economics, the role of markets and inflation, the problem of price and demand, etc. In my opinion if we want to become good specialists in this field of science we must read much fresh magazines, newspapers on business and economics.

I should say that every educated person should know a foreign language. According to this statement we have a chance to learn different foreign languages, for example, French, German and certainly English. The English language is an international way of communication; by the way, we are taught Business English too. Frankly speaking I took a great interest in the course of Business English. I suppose it will help me in my future activity to communicate with my foreign partners.

As many experts state the profession of an economist is very popular now. Our country has many problems in its economic development so many good specialists are required. Knowing the economic laws of the society’s development the economists can solve many problems facing our country and I hope I will manage to make my contribution to this process.

The graduates of our faculty work at different plants and factories, research centers and educational institutions, banks, etc. I would like to add that if a student has abilities and desire to become a scientist he may continue his studies at the post-graduate studies. It is very important that our Institute not only produces specialists but also provides the science with new scientific researches and achievements.

It will be a great honor for me to present the Economics Faculty of Biysk Technological Institute. I wish to get a good education, successfully defend my diploma and work according to my speciality if possible.

Упражнение 1. Переведите сочетания слов.

1) the Economics Faculty of Biysk Technological Institute;

2) to be good at Economics;

3) economic development;

4) a social science;

5) Economic Theory;

6) to communicate with my foreign partners;

7) the post-graduate studies.

Упражнение 2. Ответьте на вопросы.

1. When did you enter Biysk Technological Institute?

2. What speciality are you going to get in future?

3. Why did you decide to enter the Economics Faculty?

4. Who helped you to make the decision to enter this faculty?

5. What subjects do you study at the institute? What is your favourite subject?

6. Do you want to speak Business English?

7. Why is it important to know English?

8. Why is your speciality very important in our society?

Упражнение 3. Вставьте слова по смыслу в предложения.

subject / diploma / specialist / faculty / science

1. My friend is a first-year student of the Economics … of Biysk Technological Institute.

2. Economics is a social … studying economy.

3. When I am a fifth-year student I will write my … .

4. This company is looking for a good … .

5. Our favourite … is Economic Theory.

Упражнение 4. Найдите в тексте параграфы, в которых содержится следующая информация:

1) various general and special subjects studied at the institute;

2) the importance of speaking English;

3) the popularity and significance of this speciality;

4) some information about the graduates of the faculty;

5) the plans for future.

Упражнение 5. Ситуация: ваш друг собирается поступать в БТИ. Он (она) увлечен экономикой. Посоветуйте поступить на ваш факультет. Ниже приведены фразы, которые могут послужить основой для ваших рекомендаций:

The Institute is near your friend’s house.

The Economics Faculty of Biysk Technological Institute is well-known in the Altai territory.

There are many qualified tutors at the Institute.

Nowadays your speciality is very popular and in a great demand, etc.

Упражнение 6. Продолжите предложения.

1. When I finished my school I decided to enter … .

2. My future speciality is … .

3. I’ve chosen this speciality because … .

4. I like to study Economics because … .

5. Economics is a social science studying … .

6. At the Institute we study the following general and special subjects … .

7. My favourite subjects at the Institute are … .

8. The graduates of the faculty work at … .

Упражнение 7. Укажите предметы, которые не изучаются при обучении специаль-ности «Экономика и управление на предприятии».

Money and Banking, Еngineering Psychology, English, Management, Marketing, Economic Theory, Microbiology, Ecology, Macro- and Microeconomics, Latin, Sociology.

Упражнение 8. Переведите следующие предложения. Найдите инфинитив.

1. A planned economy is simple to understand but not simple to operate.

2. A market is simply a mechanism, which allows individuals or organizations to trade with each other.

3. Both businesses and individual citizens can take the decision not to spend all of the income that they receive.

4. A corporation is a business organization authorized by the state to conduct business and is a separate legal entity consisting of its owners.

Упражнение 9. Найдите в тексте информацию, посвященную Бийскому техноло-гическому институту, а также экономическому факультету. Передайте наиболее значимую информацию одним предложением.

Упражнение 10. Расскажите о вашей специальности, используя выражения из текста.

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