Урок-конкурс «Звездный час» icon

Урок-конкурс «Звездный час»

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Урок-конкурс «Звездный час»

в VI-х классах

учитель: Агафонова О.Ю.

Ведущий: Glad to meet you, dear boys and girls, guests and teachers! Today we are having a competition, "The Star Hour". Now the participants will introduce themselves.

Участники конкурса коротко говорят о себе по-английски, затем читают наизусть стихотворение или исполняют любую песню на английском языке, чтобы получить звездочку.

I тур. «Страноведение»

Task1. "Flags"

На доске помещены флаги стран, перечисленных ниже, в такой последовательности: 1) New Zealand, 2) Canada, 3) the UK, 4) Scotland, 5) Australia, 6) England.

Вопросы участникам конкурса:

l) Which is the flag of Australia? (5)

2) What country consists of 4 parts? (3)

3) What country lies to the north of the US? (2)

4) What country lies to the north of England? (4)

5) What country lies to the south of Scotland? (6)

Task 2. "Symbols"

На доске помещены такие эмблемы:

1) a red rose,

  1. a thistle,

  2. a shamrock,

  3. a daffodil,

  4. the bald eagle. Вопросы:

l) What is the national symbol of Scotland? (2)

2) what is the national symbol of Wales? (4)

3) what is the national symbol of England? (1)

4) What is the national symbol of Ireland? (3)

Task3. "London Sights"

На доске почтовые открытки, на которых изображены: 1) Buckingham Palace, 2) Westminster Abbey, 3) St. Paul's Cathedral, 4) The Tower of London, 5) The Houses of Parliament, 6) Trafalgar Square.

Вопросы и описание:

l) What building has Big Ben? (5)

2) It was built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror as a fortress and a royal palace. Later it was a prison, now it is a museum and a Royal Treasury.(4)

3) What is the home of the Queen? (1)

4) It is a royal church. There are tombs of many British kings and queens and other famous people. This is where the coronation takes place. (2)

Task4 "Holidays"

На доске открытки-поздравления с праздниками: 1) Christmas, 2) St. Valentine's Day, 3) Easter, 4) Mother's Day,5) Halloween, 6) Father's Day.

Учащимся предлагается описание нескольких праздников, с тем, чтобы они назвали, о каком из них идет речь.

l) This holiday is celebrated on the 14th of February as a day of love and friend ship. (2)

2) People buy presents and cards and send them to their friends and relatives. Parents put their presents into stockings. The traditional meal is roast turkey and pudding. They also decorate streets, rooms and a tree.(1)

3) Children usually eat chocolate eggs and Cross Buns on this day. (3)

4) Children make lanterns out of pumpkins, dress as witches and ghosts and go from house to house and say: "Trick or Treat!" (5)

Ученик, у которого звездочек меньше, чем у других, выходит из игры,

получив приз за участие.

IIтур. "History"

Task 1. "Dates"

На доске написаны даты: 1) 1086, 2) 1564, 3) 1840, 4) 1653, 5) 1734, 6) 1553.


l) When did the first Englishman Richard Chancellor come to Russia? (6)

2) When was the first treaty between England and Russia signed? (5)

3) When did the first stamp "Penny Black" appear? (3)

4) When was the first official document the Doomsdays Book written? (1)

Task 2. "Famous People "

На доске написаны имена выдающихся людей: 1) Armstrong, 2) Bell, 3) Hogarth, 4) Newton, 5) A. Conan-Doyle, 6) A. Christie.

Вопросы и задание:

l) Who was one of the best British artists? He painted "Marriage a la Mode", "The Graham Children" and other pictures which are kept in the National Gallery in London. (3)

2) Who wrote 75 detective stories? (6)

3) He was a spaceman and the first person to walk on the Moon. (1)

4) Who invented the telephone? (2)

Выбывает из игры еще один участник с наименьшим количеством звездочек.

Ill тур. "Grammar"Task 1. "English Tenses "

На доске карточки такого содержания:

1. V, Vs 2. am

is Ving


3. shall 4. Ved, V2



  1. have




1) Show me the formula of the Future Simple Tense. (3)

  1. Show me the Present Perfect Tense. (5)

3)Show me the Present Simple Tense. (1)

Затем я называю слова, которые обычно употребляются с определенным временем: 1) now, at this moment (2); 2) every day, usually, often, always (1); 3) yesterday (4); 4) tomorrow, next year (3); 5) already, just, not yet (5).

Task 2. "Modal Verbs"

На доске карточки, на которых написаны модальные глаголы: 1) саn,

2) should, 3) must, 4) may, 5) could.


Какой из этих глаголов нужен для перевода с русского языка на английский следующих предложений?

1)Не могли бы вы передать мне соль? (5)

2)Можно задать вам вопрос? (4)

3)Я умею кататься на роликах. (1)

4)Улицу следует переходить на зеленый свет. (2)

Покидает игру еще один ее участник.

IV тур. «At Home»

Task 1. "Rooms "

На доске карточки, на которых написаны слова:

  1. dining room,

  2. bedroom,

  3. living room,

  4. kitchen,

  5. bathroom,

  6. study.

Учащимся предлагается угадать, о каких комнатах говорится в этих предложениях.

  1. In this room there is a table, a mirror, a chest of drawers and beds. We sleep here. (2)

  2. In this room there is a table, chairs or armchairs, a sofa, a fireplace, a television and a carpet. (3)

3.1n this room there is a desk, chairs, shelves of books, a computer. You may do your homework there. (6)

  1. In this room you may wash your hands and face, clean your teeth, take a bath or a shower. (5)

  2. There is a dishwasher, fridge, a stove, a microwave oven, plates, cups and other things here. We usually cook here. (4)

Task 2. "Home Library-writers "

На доске имена писателей: 1) Bestirs Potter, 2) James M. Barrie, 3) Lewis Carroll, 4) Pamela L. Travers, 5) Alan Milne,6). D. Defoe. Вопросы:

l) Who is the author of "Robinson Crusoe"? (6)

2) Who wrote about Winnie-the-Pooh? (5)

3) Who wrote about funny rabbits and other animals? (1)

4) Who is the author of "Mary Poppins"? (4)

5) Who wrote about the adventures of the girl called Alice in the magic country Wonderland? (3)

Task 3. "Home Reading-characters "

На доске имена персонажей литературных произведений:

  1. Alice,

  2. Gulliver,

  3. Peter Pan,

  4. Mary Poppins,

  5. Doctor Doolittle,

  6. Robinson Crusoe.

Участникам конкурса следует угадать, о ком идет речь в данных ниже предложениях:

l) He took care of animals, because he loved them very much. Many different animals lived in his house. (5)

2) She looked after children. The wind had brought her over. She usually had a bag and an umbrella in her hands. In her bag she had an armchair, a piano and a magic bottle. (4)

3) He was a boy who didn't grow. He could fly as a bird. (3)

4) He was a sailor. One day there was a storm in the sea and the ship was wrecked. He swam to an island. He lived on the island alone for a long time and he had a friend called Friday. (6)

Покидает игру ученик с меньшим количеством звездочек.

The final

участникам конкурса предлагается такое задание: "Make as many words as you can out of the word Sportsmen".

Учащиеся называли слова: sport, port, or, men, sort, to, ten, rose, nose, stop, pot, post, most, on, no, not, pet, more, rest, nest, pen, note, top и т.д.

Победитель конкурса получает приз.

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