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Приемы и методы эффективного обучения различным видам чтения

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Text 2

1)Read the extracts from very famous books which are below. Define to what book each extract belongs and what genre it is.

1."The prince began to take off his fine clothes, and Tom took off his old clothes and put on the clothes of the prince. Tom looked at the prince as he stood there dressed in Tom's clothes. He had seen someone very like him before. Where had he seen him? 'Come and look at us in the glass!' cried the prince. They were just like each other."

2. "I had slept for many hours. When I awoke it was just daylight. I tried to get up from the ground, but I could not move! My arms and feet were held down to the ground with strings.11 heard some noise around me, but I could see nothing. In a little time I felt something alive moving on my foot, then it came over my body and up to my face. Turning my eyes down as much as 1 could, I saw a man. He was less than 15 centimetres high."

3.“Alice and her big sister were sitting on the grass. Her sister was reading a book, but Alice had nothing to read … She was too sleepy… Just then, a white rabbit ran by, very near to her. That does not happen every day, but Alice did not wonder about it. But she did wonder when the rabbit took a watch out of its pocket and looked at it."

4."At seven o'clock on a hot evening in the Seeonee hills, Father Wolf woke up. There was a little animal at the mouth of the cave.' It was & Tabaqui [tae'bseki], the jackal. The wolves of India don't like Tabaqui. He makes trouble, Father Wolf could see from Tabaqui's eyes that he want­ed to make trouble now. 'Shere Khan [ 'ka:n], the Big One, has changed his hunting grounds,' Tabaqui said."

5."There were 150 places at the table. Each knight2 had his name written in his place. There were one hundred and twenty-eight knights at the table. As time went on other brave and good knights came, and King Arthur gave them places. One place was not filled for a long time. That place was for a knight who had never done any bad thing to anyone. It was called the 'Seat Perilous ['peretas] if a bad man sat in it, he would die. After many years Sir Galahad ['gaelahad] came and was given that place."

Key: 1) “The Prince and the Pauper”-an adventure novel; 2)”Gulliver’s Travels” – an adventure novel; 3)”Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”- a fairy-tale; 4)”The Jungle Book” – a fairy-tale; 5)”King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” – a legend.

Text 3

Task: Read the instructions and define what units they belong to.

  1. Avoid touching the hot metal parts of the unit. Slices of bread in the unit may burn. For this reason, do not use the unit near flammable objects. Do not operate the unit lying in its side – this could cause a fire! Place the appliance in a clear space to allow the necessary air to circulate.

  2. Unplug the unit before filling it with water. When you finish the work, unplug the unit and empty out any remaining water in tank. Avoid any contacts with the steam jet to prevent burns.

  3. Do not use the unit if you have wet hands or bare feet. Never move the unit while it is in use. Unplug the unit or remove it from its base when filling it or cleaning after use. Fit the appropriate plug according to the instructions.

Key: 1. – a toaster; 2. – an iron; 3. – a kettle.

Приложение 4

Прием прогнозирования (predicting)

при обучении поисковому чтению





Departures: 4 July to Sep’08

Island cruises is a joint venture between Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and First Choice offering you a new style in cruis­ing!! It's a more relaxed, informal and innovative style of cruising. The new concept is "ad-lib" dining - where you are able to sit where you like and dine at a time that suits you! Still, there is an la carte restaurant on board, if you'd prefer to reserve your dining •or those special occasions. When it's time to dine you can dress up as much or as little as you like with the 'smart casual' dress code to suit the 'smart casual' atmosphere onboard.

Attractions onboard the 40.000 tons Island Escape include a gym and the health club, swimming pool with sunbathing decks, 6 bars. 3 restaurants, duty-free shopping, cyber-centre, plus a whole range of activities and entertainment including the onboard nightclub and casino. All cabins provide a high standard of comfort.

Both cruises offer two journey of discovery - a chance to visit a variety of the best destinations in the Mediterranean cou­pled with numerous shore excursions.


Fantastic All-inclusive cruises to the

Canary Islands

Christmas Party Cruise

7 Nights departing December 21st

New Year Party Cruise

7 Nights departing December 28th

All inclusive!


Includes all drinks!

Ports of call: Tenerife

Madeira, Gran Canaria

Was from £1333

Now from only £ 899 per person

Call Cruise World on 084372615

One weekdays and Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 10am-6pm

^ Предтекстовый этап.

Task: Look at the titles of these leaflets and say what sort of advertisements we are going to read today.

Текстовой этап.

Task: Look through the advertisements of different resorts and fill in the table if the information is provided.

The name of the place

Swimming pool

Health club/centre,

sporting activities

(put “+” if any)

Number of restaurants




Summer cruising


Canary Island

^ Послетекстовый этап.

Task: Role-play –act out a situation.

Student A

You are a travel agent. You have received a call from one of the clients. Give the info he/she asks for. Try your best to persuade the client to travel with your company.

Student B

You are a traveler. You have looked through the ads of different resorts and have chosen one of them, which you’d like to visit. You telephone the travel agent to confirm the information about the price, duration and recreation activities.

Text 2


(by Terry Tomsha)

What is "American" food? The answer is that it is part Italian, part British, part German, part Mexican, part Chinese... When people from other countries came to live in the US, they brought different cooking traditions. Some of them opened restaurants. Today Americans enjoy food from all over the world. Over the years some foreign dishes changed a little. Doughnuts were originally from Holland. In 1847 a young American boy told his mother that her doughnuts were never cooked in the middle. He cut out the centres and his mother cooked them — and they were very tasty!

Maybe the US is most famous for "fast foods". The first fast food restaurants served hamburgers, but now they serve other kinds of food too. Inside there is often a "salad bar", where you can help yourself to as much salad as you want.

Americans eat a lot, and when they go to a restaurant, they don't expect to be hungry afterwards. Most restaurants will put a lot of food on your plate — sometimes it can be too much. But if you can't finish it all, don't worry: they will give you a "doggy bag" and you can take it home.

Most Americans now have a light breakfast instead of the traditional eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice and coffee. But on weekends there is more time, and a large late breakfast or early lunch ("brunch") is often eaten with family or friends.

^ Предтекстовой этап.

Task: Look at the title and say what the text can be about.

Текстовой этап

Task 1: look through the text one more time and fill in the table about food which is really American

Kinds of food







yes “+”, no “+”

Task 2: What does “doggy bag” mean?

Послетекстовой этап:

Task: say why you think:

  1. American food is part Italian, part British, part German, etc.;

  2. much famous food in America is "fast food";

  3. there are usually "salad bars" inside fast food restaurants;

  4. restaurant people bring "doggy bags" to those who can't finish all

the food on their plates;

  1. Americans now have a light breakfast.

Приложение 5

Метод семантической карты


при обучении изучающему чтению

Task : Read the text twice very attentively. And write out all the words which are associated with it. Mind the building of the “Mind-Map”!

^ English VI” Text “Who Rules the Country”

English VII” text “The Printed Word”

^ English VII” text “Danny’s Story”

Приложение 6

Прием «мозаика» (Jig-saw reading) при обучении изучающему чтению

Текст 1.


The Internet has already entered our ordinary life. Every­body knows that the Internet is a global computer network, which embraces hundred of millions of users all over the world and helps us to communicate with each other.

Nobody knows exactly how many people use the Internet today, because there are hundred of millions of users and their number is growing.

Nowadays the most popular Internet service is e-mail. Most of the people use the network only for sending and receiving e-mail messages. They can do it either they are at home or in the internet clubs or at work. Other popular services are reading news, telnet (телефония), working, gambling (азартные игры) and playing through the internet. etc. You can read the latest copy of your favourite newspaper while plan­ning your night's TV viewing and ordering some cheap CDs from American discount disc store.

You can debate important problems on line, surf the net and get all sorts of information, enter the chat room with other Internet users , correspond with your friends , open your own web page (web site) and place there information about yourself.

You can send e-mail to someone you've never met before... Some people have «met» over the Internet and got married.

However, there are some problems. The most important problem is security. When you send an e-mail, your message can travel through many different networks and computers. The information can be changed. There are many encoding programs available. These programs are not perfect and can easily be cracked.

Another big and serious problem of the net is control. There is no effective control in the Internet, because a huge amount of information circulating through the net.

^ Предтекстовой этап.

Task: What words can you associate with the word “Internet”.

Текстовой этап.

Класс делится на 4 группы по 3-4 человека. Каждая группа работает над карточками. Затем идет обмен информацией между группами. В качестве проверки понимания текста использую прием “quiz” (card 5)

Card 1. True or false

1)The Internet isn’t a global network. 2) The number of users is growing day by day. 3) There are not so many services in the Internet. 4) You can do shopping over the Internet. 5)Special encoding programmes can help users to save their information.

Card 2. Put in the correct order.

1)There are some problems with the Internet. 2) Most people use the net for sending e-mail. 3)Some people “find” each other through the Internet. 4) The Internet helps people to socialize with each other. 5) One can open his web page in the net.

Card 3. Fill in the table



Card 4. Make up the Mind Map.

Card 5. Quiz

1)What is the Internet?

a)a global computer; b) a global network;

c) our life

2)What do people do with the Internet?

a)use ; b) pay; c) play

3) What can people read in the Internet?

a) only newspapers; b)only books; c)everything

4)Why is security the most important problem?

a) messages can be lost; b) messages can be improved;

c)messages can be changed.

5) Why are encoding programmes not perfect?

a) they can be broken down; b)they can be locked;

c) they can be opened

6)Why is control another big problem?

a) because of lack of information; b) because of lots of information;

c) because of rude users

^ Послетекстовой этап.

Task: discuss the following questions:

1) Have you got an Internet access?

2) Do you think it’s useful?

3) Can the Internet help you do your homework?

4) What services are of great importance for you?

5) What are the advantages of e-mail/ on-line shopping?

6) Some people have made friends through the Internet.

What about you?

7) Some people say that computers make us less sociable.

Do you agree?

Текст 2.


Every nation and every country has its own traditions and customs. In Britain traditions play a more important role in the life of people than in other countries. They say British people are very conservative. They are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. But when we speak about British traditions we always remember that there are four parts in Britain — England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Traditions are different in these parts of the country.

You already know some of the English traditions and holi­days. We hope you remember St. Valentine's Day, St. Pat­rick's Day, Hallowe'en which have also become traditional American holidays. Here are some more facts about old Eng­lish traditions.

One of the old English legends says that Lon­don can be the capital of the country, rich and great until twelve black ravens live in the Tower of London. Each has got its name and the keepers carefully look after them. If one of the birds dies, another younger raven takes its place. Lon­doners believe this legend and always bring some food to give to the birds when they come to the Tower. The keepers cut the birds' wings a bit as they are afraid that they may fly away.

Another old English tradition is Guy Fawkes Day. Chil­dren go out into the streets on the 5th of November with fig­ures like scarecrows. They stand in the streets and squares asking for the usual "Penny for the Guy". Then with the money they have collected they buy fireworks and burn the guy (the figure like a scarecrow) on their bonfire.

People watch fireworks and some people go to parties in the evening.

People in Russia have their own special traditions. One of them is Maslenitsa — the holiday, which lasts for a week, to say "goodbye" to winter. People celebrate it at the end, of February or at the beginning of March. During this holiday they celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. In old times people usually cooked pancakes, had fires, burnt straw1 scarecrows of winter, they sang songs and danced. Now during "Maslenitsa week" people always cook pancakes. They invite their friends, their nearest and dearest to see each other and eat pancakes with sour cream, fish, caviar or but­ter, sugar, honey.

Though different countries have different traditions and holidays people all over the world know some of them. They are — Easter, Christmas and New Year.

Карточка №1

Task.Put in the correct order:

1. The keepers cut the birds’ wings.

2. British people are conservative .

3. Children ask for the usual “Penny for the Guy”.

4. Other traditions are Easter, Christmas and New Year.

5. People celebrate the beginning of spring.

Карточка №2

Task. True', 'False' or 'Don't Know.

1.Every country has its own traditions and customs.

2.There are no common traditions all over the world.

3.English people celebrate Maslenitsa.

4.There are some common holidays in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

5.London can be great until 10 black ravens live in the Tower.

6.English people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day on the 5th of November.

7.Russian people seldom eat pancakes with caviar now.

Карточка №3

Task Divide the text into the logical parts and name them.

Text 3

The Unknown Southern Land

Even in medieval times there were stories about a large continent in the Southern Hemisphere. But Europeans had never seen it. They wondered what it was like and whether it was inhab­ited. They called this land terra australis incognita, or "the unknown southern land" — Australia.

Nowadays when people speak of Australia they can mean three things: 1) Australia as a continent; 2) Australia as an island and 3) Australia as an independent country. Australia is the world's largest island and its smallest continent. Asia is the continent nearest to Australia in the north. The icy shores of Antarctica lie to the south. New Zealand is to the east. To the west of Australia stretches the vast Indian Ocean. In the east the continent is washed by the Pacific Ocean.

Australia is a land of striking differences. In the centre of the continent and in the west more than 50% of the land is desert — dry and uninhabited. There are three deserts there — the Great Sandy Desert, the Great Victoria Desert and the Gibson Desert, situated between them. Naturally very few people live there. Most of them live on narrow coasts of the east and south-east. Main cities, where people live among tall office buildings, auto­mobile plants and busy factories, are also situated there.

In the north-east tropical forests cover the coast. In the mountains of the south-east -the snow lies for seven months of the year.

Australia is divided into six states and two territories.

^ New South Wales is Australia's leading industrial state. Most people live along the east coast, and most of them are in Sydney. Sydney is also the largest city in Australia.

In Victoria most people live in the south. Melbourne is the capital of the state and the largest city. Sheep and wheat are the main products here. Citrous fruits, grapes, peaches and apricots are grown along the Murray River.

Queensland is Australia's second largest state. Brisbane, its capital, is situated on the east coast: Queensland has long beautiful sandy beaches. Its coast is a popular place for holidaymakers. The climate along the east coast is hot and humid. It is the tropical corner of Australia. Bananas and other tropical fruits are grown here. Most of the land in the south is too dry for farming. Some of Australia's most unproductive desert lands occupy the bigger part of the state.

The state of ^ Western Australia is dry and inhospitable except the south-western corner of the state. Nearly all of the state's farms, sheep stations and fruit gardens are situated there. The rest of the state is dry desert land with very few towns or lonely cattle stations.

South Australia is the third largest state. Most of South Australia's people, farms and industry are in the south-eastern part of the state. Adelaide is the capital and the largest city. Most of South Australia is too dry for farming. Farming very much depends on irrigation or underground water. Some of Australia's most unproductive desert lands occupy the greater part of the state. Wheat and fruit (apricots, pears, peaches, nectarines and grapes) are grown along the lower part of the Murray River.

Tasmania, the island state, is sometimes called the apple isle because it produces most of Australia's apples. Tasmania is one of the few places in Australia that have enough rain all year. Tasmania is Australia's leading producer of pears and berries of different kinds. Potatoes are also grown in some areas.

^ Northern Territory is the least populated and least developed part of Australia. Crocodiles still live in some of the swamps along the coast. Darwin is its capital and the only large settlement in the north. Alice Springs, generally called Alice or the Alice, is the only town in the south.

The capital of Australia is Canberra. The city doesn't belong to any state. It is situated on the ^ Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which occupies an area of 2,432 square kilometres.

Предтекстовой этап.

Task: What do you know about Australia?

Текстовой этап.

Класс делится на 4 группы по 3-4 человека. Каждая группа работает над карточками. Затем идет обмен информацией между группами. В качестве проверки понимания текста использую прием “quiz” (card 5)

Card 1. True, false or don’t know.

1)Australia is the largest continent in the world. 2)Australia is situated in the Southern Hemisphere. 3)Vast areas of desert cover most of Central and Western Australia. 4)Melbourne is the Capital of Victoria. 5)The official name of the country is the Commonwealth of Australia. 6)There are 6 states in Australia. 7)Tasmania’s an island state.

Card 2. Put in the correct order.

1)The capital of Australia is Canberra. 2)There are three deserts in Australia. 3)Queensland is popular with holidaymakers. 4)Tasmania is the apple isle. 5)When we speak about Australia we mean three things. 6)Darwin is the only large settlement.

Card 3. Fill in the table: what are Australian states and territories famous for. Put “+” where necessary


Famous for

Few cities

Too dry land for




The capital of Australia




as main products


The largest size

New south












Card 4. Make up the Mind Map.

Card 5. Quiz

1)What is the meaning of “terra australis incognita”?

a)a famous land; b) an unknown land;

c) a desert

2)How many great deserts are there in Australia?

a) 3 ; b) 4; c) 2

3) How many territories and states are there in Australia?

a) 7 and 2; b)6 and 2; c)2 and 6

4)Which state is famous for its fruit harvest?

a) Queensland; b) Tasmania;

c)Northern Territory.

5) Which state is famous for its holiday places?

a)Queensland; b) Tasmania;

c)Northern Territory.

6)Which state is the largest and the driest one in Australia?

a) South Australia; b) ACT;

c) Western Australia

7) Which state is the industrial centre?

a) South Australia; b) ACT;

c) New South Wales

8) Where the capital of Australia situated?

a) South Australia; b) ACT;

c) Victoria

9) Where sheep and wheat are the main products?

a) Tasmania; b) ACT;

c) Western Australia

Послетекстовой этап.

Task: Get ready to speak about Australia.

  • The geographical position of the country;

  • Its main states and territories;

  • The main Australian cities;

  • The most and least populated areas;

  • Things the country produces.

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