Учебное пособие Рекомендовано Дальневосточным региональным учебно-методическим центром icon

Учебное пособие Рекомендовано Дальневосточным региональным учебно-методическим центром

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Exercise 6. Fill in the table:

Bribery, assault, shop-lifting, pick-pocketing, homicide, arson, selling drugs, burglary, larceny, robbery, murder, manslaughter, drunkenness, theft, hijacking, mugging.



Exercise 7. Match the words from the box with the definitions below.

Drug, smuggling, hijacking, pickpocketing, rape, arson, fraud, homicide, shop-lifting, kidnapping, mugging, theft

l. they force somebody, especially a woman to have sexual

intercourse against her will;

2. the act of killing a human being;

3. they broke the window of his car and stole the radio;

4. they sold paintings that they knew weren't genuine masterpieces;

5. they illegally carried drugs into another country;

6. they held a pistol at the pilot's head and he had to do what they said;

7. they set fire to the hotel;

8. they took some things off the shelves and left the supermarket

without paying for them;

9. they took away the rich man's son and asked him for a lot of money;

10.they hit the man on head as he was walking along the street and

stole all his money and credit cards;

11.they took her purse out of her handbag as she was standing on the

crowded platform waiting for the train

Exercise 8. What are the crimes described in these situations?

1. An old man has been attacked and robbed in a city street. He is

recovering in hospital.

2. The telephone box had been smashed and there was graffiti all over

the walls.

3. The young woman was sexually attacked as she walked across the

dark park late at night.

4. It was a perfect copy. It was so good, in fact, that it could even fool

an expert.

5. George gave the man $50 in return for a small packet of heroin.

6. "If you want to see your child again, put $50,000 in an old suitcase

and wait for further instructions".

7. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and people were sitting

outside the cafe enjoying the sunshine. Then the bomb went off.


Section III







death penalty

suspended sentence


to commit


to convict


to punish


to warn



Exercise 1. Translate the following expressions into Russian:

To punish offender; to pay fine; to commit a crime; 5 years of imprisonment; death penalty; to remain at liberty; deterrent; the convicted person; to warn victim; to break the law; to go to prison; to behave well; criminal behavior.

Exercise 2. Translate the following expressions into English:

Преступление; наказание; штраф; лишение свободы; приговор; смертная казнь; осужденный; условное наказание; предупреждать; совершать преступление; поведение; жертва; преступник; нарушить закон.

Ехеrcise 3. Match the words from the box with the definitions below:

Fine, imprisonment, offender, probation, a murderer, a robber, a terrorist, a burglar, a drug dealer, shop- lifting.

  1. a person, who breaks law

  2. putting into prison

  3. a sum payable as punishment for an offense

  4. probation

  5. a person, who attacks and robs people, often in the street

  6. a person, who breaks into houses to steal

  7. a person, who kills someone

  8. a person, who buys and sells drugs illegally

  9. a person, who uses violence for political reasons

  10. stealing from the shop.

Exercise 4. Read and translate the text.


What is the purpose of punishment? One is to correct the offender’s moral attitudes and anti-social behaviour. Punishment can also be seen as deterrent because it warns other people of what will happen, if they are going to break the law.

There are some forms of punishment. They are:

  • the death penalty

  • imprisonment

  • probation, allowing the convicted person to remain at liberty but follow certain restrictions and rules.

  • fines

  • suspended sentences: the offender does not go to prison unless he or she commits another offence.

  • compensation: paying, or working for one’s victim

  • disqualification from driving

  • community service.

Exercise 5. Work in pairs and discuss the following: Which

punishment do you think is appropriate for each of the

following crimes?

  1. shop- lifting;

  2. drinking and driving, without causing an accident;

  3. murder of policeman;

  4. vandalizing a telephone box;

  5. riot;

  6. arson of the bench in the park;

  7. drug abuse;

  8. extortion;

  9. robbery

Exercise 6. Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of punishment?

  2. What are the kinds of punishment?

Exercise 7. You are a judge. You must decide how long to send

the accused to prison for. What kinds of

punishment would you choose?

Case 1. The accused is a doctor. He gave an overdose to an 84-year-

old patient who had terminal cancer. The patient had asked

for the overdose. The patient’s family accused the doctor of


Case 2. This man is a well-known leader of a radical organization. He

was recently tried for possessing one marijuana cigarette

and sentenced to ten years in prison. He is appealing the


Case 3. The accused found her husband in their bed with another

woman. She took the breadknife and killed him.

Case 4. The four teenage boys were having a fight with a dog near

swimming pool. They threw it in the water and then stood

on it until it drowned.

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