Учебное пособие Рекомендовано Дальневосточным региональным учебно-методическим центром icon

Учебное пособие Рекомендовано Дальневосточным региональным учебно-методическим центром

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Test 3

^ Read the following selection. Then choose the best possible answer to each of the questions which follow

Approximately 75 percent of all American families have some form of life insurance. Many people also make payments on homes purchased on long-term loans (mortgages) ranging from ten to thirty years. While each payment covers taxes, insurance, and interest, it also pays part of the principal of the loan so that full ownership is obtained against inflation by giving the owner the benefit of rising real estate values.

Saving by adding to one’s liquid assets includes purchasing government bonds or depositing to savings accounts. Both of these savings plans pay interest on money deposited. Studies indicate, however, that about one person in four has less than five hundred dollars in liquid assets.

1. Buying a home on a long-term mortgage offers an individual

    1. home ownership at the end of the period of the mortgage.

    2. a change in his standard of living.

    3. protection against the rising cost of consumer goods.

    4. all of the above.

2. Twenty-five percent of the population of the United States

a) depend primarily on current income for financial solvency.

  1. have little or no savings.

  2. have no life insurance.

  3. all of the above.

3. Social Security payments ate

    1. taken from 75 percent of all salaries.

    2. classified as liquid assets.

    3. a form of involuntary savings.

    4. voluntary savings.

4. Liquid assets include

a) trust funds.

  1. the cash value of life insurance policies.

  2. term life insurance.

  3. balances due on loans.

Test 4

Read the following selection. Then choose the best possible answer to each of the questions which follow

The 1790 census revealed that nine out of ten Americans lived in rural areas of the country. As late as 1860, the proportion of the population living outside the city remained at 80 percent.

The United States population in 1970 was found to be over 73 percent urban. Nine percent of the urbanites lived in cities with populations of over one hundred thousand. Most of this metropolitan growth, which has taken place largely since World War II, has been suburban development rather than in the highly concentrated core of the cities.

Predictions were that by 1980 four-fifths of nation’s population would live in urban areas. There would be an estimated increase of 25 million persons by 1980, and most of them would live in the suburbs.

1. One difference between a suburban area and a core area is that

    1. one is a more recent development than the other.

    2. the population of one is more concentrated than the other.

    3. both of the above.

    4. neither of the above.

2. By 1980

    1. only 20 percent of the population of the United States would be rural.

    2. the metropolitan population would increase 80 percent.

    3. approximately 70 percent of the population would live in metropolitan areas.

    4. suburban growth would be 20 percent greater than in the post World War II period.

3. From 1860 to 1970, the proportion of the population living in rural

areas as compared to urban areas

    1. almost reversed.

    2. almost tripled.

    3. was about 1 million persons.

    4. equaled the predicted

    5. 1960-80 growth.


Role Play “Presidential Election”

Цель: закрепление умений высказать свою точку зрения.

Наглядные пособия: плакаты, листовки, лозунги.

Подготовительный этап:

  1. Чтение текста.

  2. Работа с лексикой по заданной теме.

  3. Распределение ролей:

Студент 1 – Journalist-linkman (conducting the round-table


Cтудент 2 – Candidate 1

Студент 3 – Сandidate 2

Студент 4 – Political Scientist

Cтуденты 5,6 – Members of election committee.

Остальные студенты – voters

  1. Подготовка программ кандидатов (студентами-кандидатами).

Основной этап:

Ход игры

Journalist: Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. We are glad to

see you here. Every country wants to have stable

economy, good life conditions, high- level medical

care. Much depends on ourselves because only we can


influence the future of our country. That is why the aim

of our meeting today is to elect the President. We are

going to discuss and compare the programmes of our

candidates, to listen to the political scientist’s analysis

and his opinion on these programmes.

You may ask candidates any questions concerning

Their programmes, biography, background. Today

you’ll have to determine who is capable to be our

President, to meet the needs of our society, to protect

our interests in the world arena and to make Russia

the most powerful state in the world. And now let me

introduce the participants of our round-table

discussion. The first candidate is Mr... (Student 2),

another candidate is Mrs... (Student3), we have

invited the political scientist Mr...(Student 4), and the

members of election committee ... (Students 5,6). The

floor is given to Mr... (Candidate 1).

Candidate 1: Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is ... . First of all I’d

like to tell (Student 2) you about myself...

A great number of changes have taken place on our

Motherland lately. It has got new borders, the whole

area occupied by Russia has become much smaller,

our political system has changed. Now the President

is a head of the country and Duma is the highest

legislative body of power. It is proclaimed that now

we are building democratic society. But on the way to

it there are a lot of difficulties to overcome. The

economic situation of the country lacks stability. The

process of inflation is evident. Many industrial

enterprises have been closed. A great number of

unemployed people are looking for a job. The living

standard of people is getting worse. The economic

reforms haven’t given any results so far. The main

directions of my programme are the following:

In economy:

  • The effective combination of strong governmental regulation and the support of small business.

  • ...

In political sphere:

  • stable and efficient government, which can provide domestic tranquility, justice, defense and general welfare.

  • ...


Journalist: Thank you. Dear voters, if you have any questions,you

have a chance to ask the candidate.

Voter 1: Do you consider that the interests of Russia touch on (Student 7) only the Pacific Region or Europe? Thank you.

Candidate 1: I consider ...

Voter 2: How are you going to support small business?

(Student 8)

Candidate 1: Some part of my programme is devoted to this problem.

I think that ...

Voter 3: What is your attitude to present situation in the Russian (Student 9) Army? Are planning to take any measures to improve


Candidate 1: I’m going to create professional army. I have some

projects how to do it and I’d like to say some words

about them. ...

Voter 4: What do you think about demographic situation in

(Student10) Russia?

Candidate 1: ...

Voter 5: I’m a student. My parents are pensioners. It’s

(Student 11) difficult for me to for my education. Will there be any

changes in the system of education?

Candidate 1: ...

Journalist: Thank you for your questions. Now I see, that you are

not indifferent to the fate of Russia. And now it’s time

to give the floor to the second candidate.

Candidate 2: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! First of all I want to say

that I am very glad to see you today. Thank you for

coming here. You know winds of change blow over our

country. And these winds touch everyone. We cannot

imagine our future without stable authority, respect of

human rights and social welfare... To provide the

external security we should enhance the prestige of our

country in the international arena through developing

relations with foreign countries, especially with our

nearest neighbours. To provide the internal security we

should take care of the health of our society. Our main

goal is to bring descendants bright future without

conflicts and criminality inside our country. We should

pay attention to children because they are the gift in

our life. We should control mass media because they

are the fourth power and their influence on child’s

mind is great. We should avoid demonstrating cruel

and brutal programmes or movies. If we want to get

normal psychological environment we will do it. Of

course the healthy society is impossible without well-

educated specialists. And that’s why the educational

system must be improved. More opportunities must be

given to the people to get higher education. We should

try to retain our specialists on their homeland and to

cut the brain-drain. If we can do all of it we will live in

adequate society, we will be able to develop ourselves

and our country. Thank you for your attention.

Journalist: Thank you. And now the candidate is eager to answer

all your questions.

Voter 6: You have a brilliant programme. You touched very (Student 12) serious problems. But there is nothing about economic


Candidate 2: Thank you. Economic problems are the key problems

in our country. I consider, that first of all we must

develop light and heavy industries. And...

Voter 7: You have mentioned such term as “ecological law”. (Student 13) What do you mean?

Candidate 2: Environmental protection is ...

Voter 4: What is your attitude to demographic situation in

(Student 10) Russia?

Candidate 2: There is a great problem. I suppose, government

should ...

Voter 8: What way are going to reduce the level of

(Student 14) unemployment?

Candidate 2: First of all to create new working places ...

Voter 2: Nowadays, every country, dealing with fishery,

(Student 8) tends to develop exploitation of stocks independently

and to formulate its own policy in the field of

regulating marine recourses? What’s your opinion on

this approach?

Candidate 2: You are right. Russia is not an exception. New skills,

technologies, policies and strategies must be

developed in order to manage and promote fisheries...

Journalist: Thank you for full answers. And now let’s ask the

political scientist to make analysis, compare and point

out advantages and disadvantages of both programmes.

Political Scientist: Dear candidates, dear guests, you’ve heard the

(Student 4) programmes of our candidates. Let me stress the

most important, significant, key issues in their

programmes. First of all I’d like to clarify the

following points ...

Journalist: Thank you. I hope you’ll take into account the

information given by the political scientist while

voting. Now the floor is given to the members of

Election Committee. They will explain to you how

to fill in a ballot in a proper way.

Members of Election Committee: Dear voters, be attentive while (Students 5,6) filling in ballots. Remember the

following rules...

^ Заключительный этап:

“Избиратели” получают бюллетени, голосуют. “Члены избирательной комиссии” подсчитывают голоса и сообщают результаты.


Journalist: And now the most important moment in

today’smeeting is. The members of Election

Committee are ready to inform us about the

results of the election.

Members of Election Committee: The results of our election are the

following ...

Journalist: Thus, the winner of Presidential race is ... . Let’s

congratulate him on this victory...

В конце игры проводилась самооценка умений, необходимых для участия в групповом общении: умение вступить в общение, поддержать беседу, умение выделить главное, уточнить информацию, поблагодарить.


Требования к выполнению контрольных работ

1.Выполнять письменные контрольные работы следует в отдельной тетради. На обложке тетради напишите свою фамилию, номер контрольной работы.

2.При выполнении контрольной работы оставляйте в тетради широкие поля для замечаний, объяснения и методических указаний рецензента.

3.Контрольные работы должны быть выполнены в той последовательности, в которой они даны в настоящих указаниях.

4.Выполненные контрольные работы направляйте для проверки и рецензирования в университет в установленные сроки.

5.Если контрольная работа выполнена без соблюдения указания или не полностью, она возвращается без проверки.

^ Исправления работы на основе рецензий

1.При получении от рецензента проверенной контрольной работы, внимательно прочитайте рецензию, ознакомьтесь с замечаниями рецензента и проанализируйте отмеченные в работе ошибки.

2.Руководствуясь указаниями рецензента, проработайте еще раз учебный материал. Все предложения, в которых были обнаружены орфографические или грамматические ошибки или неточности перевода, перепишите в исправленном виде в конце данной контрольной работы.

3.Только после того, как будут выполнены все указания рецензента и исправлены все ошибки, можно приступить к изучению материала очередного контрольного задания и его выполнению.

4.Отрецензированные контрольные работы являются учебными документами, которые необходимо сохранять. Помните о том, что во время зачета или экзамена производится проверка усвоения материала, вошедшего в контрольные работы.

Курс I

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