Афанасьева О. Английский язык: Учебник для Vкласса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, лицеев, гимназий, колледжей icon

Афанасьева О. Английский язык: Учебник для Vкласса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, лицеев, гимназий, колледжей

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Английский язык-6. Демо-версия итоговой срезовой работы

Гимназия 1576, г.Москва


Верещагина И. Афанасьева О. Английский язык: Учебник для V класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, лицеев, гимназий, колледжей. – М.: Просвещение, 2004

Дополнительные материалы предоставляются учителем.

А. Аудирование (10 минут)

Количество баллов: 15


A Compliment for a Compliment

A very rich painter had no family, but he had a dog that he loved like a son.

The dog was ill – perhaps because the painter gave it too much food. The animal lay in the painter’s bed: it ate nothing, only drank a little water. The painter telephoned all the hospitals in the city, but when they heard that the patient was a dog, they refused to send a doctor.

The painter was sure the dog’s life was is danger. He telephoned one of the best doctors in London, but he did not tell him who the patient was. When the doctor came, the painter said: “I know you are a great doctor, and you don’t take care of dogs. But this is very important to me, and I hope you will not refuse.”

The doctor was angry, but he said nothing.

The next day, the doctor telephoned the painter and asked him to come to his house. The painter was sure it was about his dog. But doctor, who met him at the door, said nothing about the dog. “I want to talk to you about my door,” he said. ‘I know you are a great painter, and you don’t paint doors, but it is very important to me. I hope you will not refuse.”

The only time

Old man:


Old man:


Old man:


Why are you carrying that umbrella over your head? Do you think it is raining?

No, I don’t.

But the sun is not shining either.

No, it isn’t.

Then why are you carrying that umbrella over your head?

You see, when it rains, Father wants it, when the sun shines, Mother wants it, so I can only have it when it is neither rainy nor sunny.

Задание 1.

Закончи предложения в соответствии с содержанием, прослушанного текста, выбрав правильный вариант.

A1 ^ The painter loved his dog like a son because

A. … everybody in the family was fond of it;

B. … he had nobody else to take care of;

C. … he often played with it.

A2 The animal lay in the painter's bed and

A. … slept all the time;

B. … looked at him with sad eyes;

C. … ate nothing, but only drank a little water.

A3 ^ The painter didn't tell the doctor who the patient was because

A. … he didn't want to do it;

B. … he was afraid that the doctor wouldn't come;

C. … the doctor felt bad and couldn't come.

Задание 2.

Выбери правильные ответы на вопросы.

A4 ^ Why did the painter hope that the doctor would help?

A. He promised to give him a lot of money;

B. He said the dog was very important to him;

C. The doctor was very good and helped everybody.

A5 What did the doctor feel when he understood who the patient was?

A. He felt angry;

B. He felt happy;

C. He felt well.

Задание 3.

Определи предложения, которые соответствуют содержанию текста. Заполни таблицу: True – False.

A6 The doctor telephoned the painter 3 days later;

A7 The painter was sure it was about his pet;

A8 The doctor wanted to make his flat more colourful;

A9 The doctor wanted to paint his door;

A10 The doctor said the door was very important to him;

A 11 The doctor wanted to teach the painter a lesson.







Задание 4.

Прослушай диалог «The Only Time» дважды и определи, когда каждый из членов семьи пользуется зонтом.

the only – единственный

to shine – светить

an umbrella [əm'brelə] – зонт

Which of them carries the umbrella when

A12 …it's neither rainy nor sunny?

A13 …the sun shines?

A14 … it rains?

  1. Mother

  2. Father

  3. Son

В. чтение (20 минут)

Количество баллов: 20

Прочитайте текст и выполните задания В1 – В10, обведя кругом правильный ответ.

Ted had not seen his old friend Sam since they were at school together. Then Ted saw Sam at a business meeting which both men were at in a big hotel, and he went over and spoke to him.

“Hi, Sam!” Ted said happily. “How are you?”

“I'm very well, thank you, Ted,” Sam answered, “and how are you?”

“Not too bad, thank you,” Ted said. They sat down side by side and began to talk.

“I’ve got a wife and two children now,” Sam began.

“Well,” Ted answered, “I’ve got a wife and three children myself.”

After half an hour, Sam said, “I must go and buy myself a toothbrush now. I left mine at home. Let’s have dinner together this evening and then we can talk more.”

“All right,” Ted answered.

They met in the restaurant of the hotel, and they both began to talk about television.

Ted said, “I think it’s very bad for people. When I was a young man, we did things ourselves – we didn’t just watch other people. In the evenings, we sang songs or played music or cards with each other, or we read the newspaper or found ourselves something useful to do.”

Sam nodded. “Yes,” he said, “that’s true, and perhaps once a week, or once a month, we went into the town specially to see a film in the cinema, and maybe to buy ourselves an ice-cream.”

“And now,” Ted went on, “my children watch silly films on television almost every evening, and they don’t do the work that their teachers give them. What will they do with themselves when they leave school?”

“Yes, it’s very bad, isn’t it?” Sam said. “But what can we do about it?”

“Well,” Ted answered, “I’ve promised myself one thing: I’m going to sell our television set – as soon as the football season finishes at the end of this month.”

Задание 5.

Внимательно прочитай вопросы к тексту и выдели правильные ответы.

B1 Had Ted and Sam met often since they left school?

a) No, they had not. b) Yes, they had.

B2 Why did they meet in a big hotel?

a) Because they had both been to the same school.

b) Because they were both at the same business meeting.

B3 Which of them has a wife now?

a) Neither of them. b) Both of them. c) Only one of them.

B4 Why did they want to have dinner together?

a) Because they wanted to talk more.

b) Because they were hungry.

B5 Did they like television?

a) No, they did not. b) Yes, they did.

B6 Why?

a) Because now people do not do things, but only watch them on television.

b) Because now people do not watch television, but do things themselves.

B7 Did Ted and Sam watch television when they were young?

a) No, they did not. b) Yes, they did.

B8 Why was television bad for Ted’s and Sam’s children?

a) Because their teachers did not give them work now.

b) Because they did not do their work at home now.

B9 What was Ted going to do about it?

a) He was going to sell his television set.

b) He was going to buy a television set for himself only.

B10 Why was he going to wait until the football season finished?

a) Because his children watched football on television all the time.

b) Because he watched football on television all the time.

С. Грамматика (15 минут)

Количество баллов: 20

Задание 6.

Используй слова в скобках в конце каждого предложения для образования подходящих слов и вставь их в пропуски.

C1. I’d like to know all the _________ about this game (inform).

C 2. He is an _________ person. He always shouts at me (possible).

C 3. Denmark (Дания) is a _________ (king).

C 4. I have a good _________ of English (know).

C 5. He is a very _________ man (respect).

C 6. When the doctor came he took my grandma’s _________ first (press).

C 7. When I watch football matches I become very _________ (excite).

Задание 7.

Переделай предложения в пассивные (подчеркнутые слова являются подлежащим) и запиши их.

C8. She showed me (I) a lovely picture.


C9. They spent a lot of money on food.


C10. People use tongues for speaking, reading aloud, tasting.


Задание 8.

Выбери правильную глагольную форму, вставь в пропуски нужную букву.

C11. Who … the window here?

a) is breaking b) has broken.

C12. What … you … when I saw you?

a) were … doing b) did … do.

C13. They … their new flat to me.

a) were shown b) showed.

C14. Coffee … in South America.

a) grows b) is grown.

C15. She … a nice sweater lately.

a) made b) has made.

Задание 9.

Передай следующие предложения в косвенной речи.

C16. “What’s that girl’s name?” Jack asked Bob.


C17. “I usually go for a walk after school”, my friend said.


C18. “I have some problems with Maths. Can you help me?” Ann asked me.



C19. “Have you watered the flowers?” Mum asked.


C20. Mum: “What are you doing here under the table?”

Bob: “I’m looking for my pen.”



Д. Письмо (15 минут)

Количество баллов: 15

Задание 10.

Международный журнал выявляет пристрастия к чтению своих читателей. Заполни анкету.

Reading Today.

D1. Full name: _______________________________________________

D2. Home address, including country: ____________________________


D3. Date of birth: _____________________________________________

D4. Sex: ____________________________________________________

D5. Occupation: ______________________________________________

D6. What books have you bought or read recently? __________________


D7. How often do you buy books? _______________________________

D8. How often do you go to the library? ___________________________

D9. Who are your favourite writers? ______________________________

D10. Date: __________________________________________________

D11. Signature: ______________________________________________

Задание 11.

Газета сообщает, что одна из телепрограмм приглашает детей твоего возраста принять в ней участие. Напиши в телестудию письмо о себе, своих талантах и увлечениях. Не забудь указать свой возраст, адрес, номер телефона.

(В письме должно быть 70-90 слов).

Е. Говорение

Количество баллов: 30

1. Открытие и история Америки;

2. США и символы страны;

3. Моя родная страна (Россия);

4. Географическое положение СК и народа;

5. Политическая система СК;

6. Лондон и его достопримечательности;

7. Праздники (российские, британские, американские). Расскажи об одном из них;

8. Расскажи об увлечениях своих и твоих друзей;

9. Путешествия, виды транспорта. Какие из них ты предпочитаешь, почему. Расскажи об одном путешествии;

10. Земля в опасности;

11. Здоровье. Как ты понимаешь выражение «здоровый образ жизни».

12. Спорт. Какие виды ты предпочитаешь, почему?

Критерии оценивания разных видов деятельности по иностранным языкам.


Общее количество баллов











max 100

max 15

max 20

max 20

max 15

max 30


меньше 54

меньше 8

меньше 11

меньше 11

меньше 8

меньше 16


54 – 70

8 – 10

11 – 15

11 – 15

8 – 10

16 – 20


71 – 87

11 – 13

16 – 18

16 – 18

11 – 13

21 – 25


88 – 100

14 – 15

19 – 20

19 – 20

14 – 15

26 – 30


  1. Контрольная работа не может быть засчитана, если ученик имеет оценку «2» по какому-то виду деятельности. Контроль этого вида деятельности проводится ещё раз до достижения положительного результата.

  2. Ученик не может иметь оценку «5», если по какому-то виду деятельности он получил оценку ниже «4». Ему даётся возможность ещё раз пройти контроль по этому виду деятельности.

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